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Warning to Voters: “Don't Re-elect Patacinni and Hackett”

Manchester Republican Town Committee Chairman John Deeb issued a warning to Manchester voters regarding the re-election of the current and former school board chairs Christopher Pattacini and Margaret Hackett. “During the past ten years, under Democrat leadership, our school system has declined badly. Manchester Public Schools are in the bottom 15 school districts in the State of Connecticut for student achievement. The children are not learning and student scores on standardized tests are the worst we have seen in years,” he said. The decline in Manchester property values is also tied into the quality of our education system.” Property values have declined with the median home sale price in Manchester at $160,000. Because of our school system, new families don't want to move here, and people who want to move out can't sell their homes. Why would voters continue to elect the same people who are responsible for our education system's decline?” Deeb said.

Deeb explained in a prepared statement that under Democrat rule of the Board of Education there has been three Superintendents in the past five years, the Board of Education voted to close Nathan Hale School, then voted to keep it open, and then voted to close it again. “Democrat leaders on the Board of Education can't make any tough decisions or provide any direction. New Republican leadership is badly needed” Deeb said, urging voters to support Republican candidates Susan Jacobsen, RJ Gomes, Deborah Hagenow, and Peter Conyers.

Dems ashamed of the Democrat Brand

Deeb also express his surprise at Manchester Democrats being ashamed of the Democrat brand.

For the first time in recent memory, Democrat lawn signs have left the party name off. “With the two large tax increases in the past four years by the Democrat controlled legislature and Governor Malloy's poor poll numbers, it appears that Manchester Democrats are ashamed of their brand,” Deeb said.

Deeb also noted that Democrats say that they want jobs for Manchester citizens, but they sent $2106.50 to Elgin, IL to purchase their lawn signs, and also avoided paying CT sales tax. All Republican lawn signs were purchased from a Manchester company and have the Republican party name below the candidate's name. “We are proud of our Republican values of limited government and fiscal responsibility” he said, and he urged Manchester voters to support the entire Republican team. “We need the positive change in Manchester, that Republican leadership will bring,” he said.

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